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The TTT Retreat is jointly sponsored by the Dept. of Immunology, the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, and the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. Registration will open on March 15, 2018.

KeyNote Speaker
Shannon Turley, PhD
Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology - Genentech

Distinguished speakers, Morning Sessions
Adrian Morelli, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Depts. of Surgery and Immunology
Are Extracellular Vesicles the Trick Behind Allo-Sensitization and Transplantation?
Distinguished speakers
Theresa Whiteside, PhD, Professor, Depts. of Pathology, Immunology and Otolaryngology
Tumor-Derived Exosomes in Anti-Tumor Immunity: Friends or Foes?
Distinguished speakers
Timothy Hand, PhD, Assistant Professor, Depts. of Pediatrics and Immunology
Intestinal Immune Responses to Bacterial Colonization
Distinguished speakers
Alicia Mathers, PhD, Assistant Professor, Depts. of Dermatology and Immunology
Cutaneous P2X7 Receptor Signaling Leads to the Development of Psoriasiform Dermatitis
Distinguished speakers
Sandra Cascio, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Immunology
Tumor-Resident Macrophages Modulate Intestinal Barrier Function Through Sialylation of Mucin 1 in IBD and Colitis-Associated Cancer
Distinguished Speakers, Afternoon Sessions
Angus Thomson, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Surgery
Transitioning DCreg Therapy to the Clinic in Organ Transplantation
Distinguished Speakers
Hassane Zarour, MD, Professor, Depts. of Medicine, Immunology and Dermatology
Targeting TIGIT and PD-1 for Cancer Immunotherapy

Poster Sessions




  • TIMELINE - All abstracts that wish to be considered for oral presentation are due by midnight on May 2. This will allow for scoring of the abstracts and selection of the trainee talks by May 16. If you do not wish to be considered for oral presentation, abstracts for posters ONLY will be accepted until May 9  at midnight. At least one trainee per session topic will be selected for an oral presentation.
  • ELIGIBILITY - Graduate students, postdocs, clinical fellows (or equivalent).
  • FORMAT - Abstracts should not exceed 300 words in length. This does not include the title, authors, or funding source (optional). There should be no figures within the abstract. The trainee should select the TTT session that is most applicable to their abstract for scoring purposes Cell-Cell Communications in Immunity and Tolerance; Inflammation at Barrier Surfaces; Translating our Science). The sections of the abstract should be introduction, materials and methods, results, and conclusions (per the template provided).
  • SCORING - All abstracts will be scored on an NIH scale and three components: scientific content, innovation/significance and clarity of the concept. Each component will receive a score from 1 to 9 (1=highest and 9=lowest) and the scores will be combined for a total score. Each abstract will be reviewed by two experts within the fields of transplant, tumors and tolerance. The scores of the judges will be averaged and the trainee with the lowest average score will receive the oral presentation slot for the 2018 TTT Retreat. All other abstracts will be presented as posters.
  • AWARDS - Awards will be distributed according to the abstract score. The top abstract(s) for each section will receive an oral presentation and an award. These trainees are also asked to participate in the poster presentations to receive feedback on their work, however, they will not be part of the poster competition. Details of the poster judging are still being finalized and will e announced soon.



The poster sessions will be held on Wednesday afternoon, May 30.  Posters will be assigned numbers, with the odd numbers presenting from 5:00-5:45 pm and even numbers presenting from 5:45-6:30 pm. Presenters are asked to please remove their posters at the conclusion of their session.  Dimensions of posters should not exceed 4' x 4' Poster boards with pins and numbers will be provided.


DEADLINE: Completed form and abstract must be submitted by Wednesday, May 2.